1st Floor, Admin Block, ICBS

Dr. Adnan Zaheer

Chairman BOG

The present age is the most challenging as it involves survival of nations through attainment of excellence in modern knowledge, based on technological advancement. Unfortunately, the negative and apathetic attitude of Muslims towards acquiring education has taken them away from the light of wisdom. The tide of the events turned in favor of the west. It is true that the national development, to a great extent, depends on the people being educated and award of their national responsibilities. It is also true that only educated masses who can fully and properly understand the national needs and requirements become the force of growth and development. In this situation education contributes a great deal in developing human talent. We are fully aware of the over-riding importance of modern education, therefore, we have established an institute of academic excellence in the name and style of the Imperial College of Business Studuies, Lahore. It is a chartered, autonomous, independent, organized and managed institution in the private sector.

“in the conditions of modern life the rule is absolute: the race which does not value trained intelligence is doomed.