The Department of Electrical Engineering at Imperial College of Business Studies is a community of faculty, staff, students, and alumni, industrial and governmental partners working together to improve Research and Education in our society and overall country. Specialization in such varied areas as circuit theory, communication sciences, computers, control systems, electromagnetic fields, energy sources and systems, power systems control and operation and electronic devices and system is available.

Department offers a four- year Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (B.Sc. EE). This program is recognized by the HEC (Higher Education Commission of Pakistan) and accredited up to Batch 2015 by the PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council). The program offers a unique combination of challenging course work, student research and exposure to current developments in the field. This combination is designed to prepare graduates to excel both in engineering innovation and life-long learning. Additionally, the program offers outstanding preparation for professions in business, government, law and entrepreneurship.

The program is structured on Outcome Base Education (OBE) system in line with Washington Accord (WA) to enable Graduates to compete at International Level. Program Learning Outcomes and Course Learning Outcomes are defined and complied with during delivering courses.