Lab Facilities

Concrete Lab: The lab has a high quality Universal Testing Machine (UTM) that is computer controlled. It can perform tensile as well as compression tests on steel and concrete specimen. The lab also contains equipment for testing the properties of fresh and hardened concrete.

Geotechnical Engineering Lab:  This lab is equipped to analyze the soil properties, its gradation, moisture content and the Atterberg’s limits. The available equipment can determine permeability of soil, calculate the dry density as well as the bulk density for the optimum moisture content. The lab has an advanced Tri-axial testing machine and direct shear test machine.

Fluid Mechanics Lab: The fluid mechanics lab has equipment including pressure gauges, venturi flume, Bernoulli’s theorem apparatus, turbines and pumps. The equipment demonstrates to the students how to take measurements, simulate flow conditions in the laboratory to make them visualize the natural phenomena. The lab is also equipped with an 8 m long tilting flume to show different flow conditions in an open channel like flow over a weir, radial gate, under sluice, etc. in the laboratory.

Transportation & Highway Lab: This lab is developed for the testing of pavement materials; both binder as well as aggregates. Equipment for bitumen testing including penetration and grading, flash and fire point, and ductility tests is available.

Surveying Lab: This lab covers both basic and advanced surveying techniques for recording levels and position measurements. These include precision laser distance meters and quality tapes to calculate horizontal measurements, theodolites to perform angular measurements and automatic levels for elevation measurements.

Mechanics Lab: The mechanics lab helps the students to visualize the actions and reactions of the forces on an object responsible for producing resistance to these forces. The experiments show the changes occurring in an object due to variation in materials and dimensions.

Environmental Engineering Lab: Environmental engineering lab is well equipped for conducting water chemistry and environmental microbiology experiments. In addition to standard laboratory equipment such as pH meters, turbidity meters, dissolved oxygen meters, and ovens, there are several key analytical instruments available for research.

Drawing and Computer Aided Design Lab: The drawing lab enhances the skills of the students to visualize different views of the structures (2D and 3D) by interacting with architectural models.