Bachelor of Information Technology

Program Overview

Information Technology (IT) in its broadestsinceencompasses all aspects of computing technology. IT, as an academic discipline, is concerned with issues related to advocating for users and meeting their needs within an organization and societal context through the selection creation, application, integration and administration of information technologies. The challenging field of IT needs creative and knowledgeable professional committed to do quality work. BSIT program aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge to take an appropriate professional position in IT upon graduation and grow into leadership position and pursue research or graduate studies in the field. The program is aimed to produce graduates who are flexible, adoptable to change, and able to face the challenges of knowledge revolution. Towards these end, the program offers a set of foundation courses, core courses, supportive courses followed by the specialization courses.

Career Prospects

Typical career for these graduates could be IT Managers, systems and business analysts, database designers and administrators, network analysis’s and administrators, e-commerce and web development and IT consultants in a variety of business or government organizations.

Course Curriculum


Course Group Cr. Hrs.
Computing – Core Courses 42
Supporting Areas 12
Core 21
Electives 15
Supporting 12
General Education Courses 19
University Elective Courses 12


Scheme of Studies

Semester 1

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
Programming Fundamentals 4
Basic Electronics 3
Calculus & Analytical Geometry 3
Fundamentals of ICT 3
Functional English (English – I) 3
Islamic Studies / Ethics 2
 Semester Credit Hours 18

Semester 2

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
Object Oriented Programming 3
Digital Logic Design 3
Discrete Structures 3
Principles of Psychology 3
Communication Skills (English – II) 3
Probability & Statistics 3
 Semester Credit Hours 18

Semester 3

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
Data Structure and Analysis of Algorithms 4
Computer Communication Network 3
Information System 3
Technical Report Writing 3
Linear Algebra 3
 Semester Credit Hours 16

Semester 4

tr>Multimedia Systems & Design3

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
Organizational Behavior 3
Internal Architecture & Protocols 3
Software Engineering 3
Database Systems 4
Multimedia Systems & Design 3
Pakistan Studies 2
 Semester Credit Hours 18

Semester 5

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
IT Elective – I 3
Operating Systems 3
Object Oriented Analysis & Design 3
Database Administration & Management 3
Web System & Technolgoies 3
Technology Management 3
 Semester Credit Hours 18

Semester 6

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
Human Computer Interaction 3
System & Network Administration 3
IT Elective – II 3
IT Elective – III 3
System Integration & Architecture 3
IT Project Management 3
 Semester Credit Hours 18

Semester 7

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
Capstone Project Part – I 3
Data & Network Security 3
IT Elective – IV 3
IT Elective – V 3
Cloud Computing 3
 Semester Credit Hours 15

Semester 8

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
Capstone Project Part – II 3
Professional Practice 3
IT Elective – VI 3
IT Elective – VII 3
Semester Credit Hours 12


Program Structure

Program Duration: 4 Years

Total Semester: 8

Entry Requirements: Minimum 45% in intermediate or equivalent examinations

Program Credit Hours:  133 Cr. Hrs.

Contact: +92-42-35978525

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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