BS (Cyber Security)

Program Overview

The BS(CySec) programing ended to produce skilled professionals to understand the processes that impact information security, safeguarding information assets, collection and preservation of digital evidences, analysis of data, and identification and fixing of security vulnerabilities. The program will equip students with the fundamental knowledge of computer science that forms the technical foundation of the field, with an essential focus on experiential learning through laboratory exercises in the security courses. This degree is a state-of-the-art course with a perfect blend of Cyber Security that is designed to set the graduates up for immediate industry success by combining and leveraging today’ scutting-edgetechnologywithreal-world scenarios.



Proposed Curriculum for BS (Cyber Security)

Following are the proposed areas which are required to covert a complete the degree.Covered areas consist of core courses (compulsory), foundation courses, general courses and electives

Course Curriculum


Course Group Cr. Hrs.
General Education 19
University Electives 12
Mathematics & Science Foundation 12
Computing Core 19
Computer Science Supporting Courses 39
Computer Science Core 18
Domain Core (AI/DS/CySec) 18
Domain Electives (AI/DS/CySec) 12


Scheme of Studies

Semester 1

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
Introduction to ICT 3
Programming Fundamentals 4
Discrete Structures 3
English Composition and Comprehension 3
Calculus & Analytic Geometry 3
 Semester Credit Hours 16


Semester 2

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
Object Oriented Programming 4
Database Systems 4
Linear Algebra 3
Communication & Presentation Skills 3
Probability & Statistics 3
 Semester Credit Hours 17


Semester 3

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
Data Structure & Algorithms 4
Information Security 3
Artificial Intelligence 4
Digital Logic Design 4
Differential Equations 3
 Semester Credit Hours 18

Semester 4

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
Computer Networks 4
Computer Org. & Assembly Language 4
Analysis of Algorithms 3
Introduction to Cyber Security 3
CySec Elective-1 3
 Semester Credit Hours 17


Semester 5

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
Operating System 4
Digital Forensics 3
Information Assurance 3
Network Security 3
CySec Elective-2 3
University Elective-1 3
 Semester Credit Hours 19

Semester 6

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
Parallel & Distributed Computing 3
Secure Software Design and Dev. 3
Vulnerability Assessment & Reverse Engg 3
CySec Elective-3 3
CySec Elective-4 3
University Elective-2 3
 Semester Credit Hours 18

Semester 7

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
Final Year Project – I 2
Software Engineering 3
University Elective-3 3
Technical & Business Writing 3

Islamic Studies/ Ethics

Elective – III

 Semester Credit Hours 13

Semester 8

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
Final Year Project – II 4
University Elective-4 3
Professional Practices 3
Pakistan Studies 2
Semester Credit Hours 12


Program Structure

Program Duration: 4 Years

Total Semester: 8

Entry Requirements: Minimum 45% in intermediate or equivalent examinations

Program Credit Hours: 132 Cr. Hrs.

Contact: +92-42-35978525

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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