BS (Hons.) Software Engineering

Program Overview

Software Engineering (SE) is an engineering disciplines concerned with the efficient and economical development of large software systems. It includes the design and development of software systems which are effective, efficient, robust, maintainable and maximally useful and usable. It also includes the design and development of techniques, processes and higher level tools by which these applications can be developed in a timely, cost effective and sustainable manner. It requires systematic approach which deals with quantifiable measures of quality and effectiveness. It requires familiarity with the basic needs and process in the various application domains, with the principles of good engineering practice and with the underlying concepts and principles of computer science. It requires expertise in problem analysis, solution, design, program development, documentation and understanding of the ways in which human interact with technological systems.

Career Prospects

This program is designed to prepare our students for a career as Software Engineers; System Analysts, Software Architects, Quality Analysts and Project Managers. Software Engineers help develop software for telecommunications, financial systems, aeronautics, medical devices, transportation systems, banking and various government organizations and defense systems.

Course Curriculum


Course Group Cr. Hrs.
Computing – Core Courses 43
Computing Supporting Courses 12
Computer Science Core Courses 21
Computer Science Electives 19
Computer Science Supporting Courses 09
General Education 15
University Electives 12


Scheme of Studies

Semester 1

 Semester Credit Hours19

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
Introduction to Computing 4
Programming Fundamentals 4
Discrete Structure 3
Basic Electronics 3
English-I (Composition &
Semester Credit Hours 17

Semester 2

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
Calculus & Analytical Geometry 3
Object Oriented Programming 4
Digital Electronics 3
GE / University Elective-I 3
English-II (Communication Skills 3
Islamic Studies/Ethics 2
 Semester Credit Hours 18

Semester 3

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
Software Engineering 3
Data Structures & Algorithms 4
Digital Logic & Design 4
Linear Algebra 3
Operating Systems 4
 Semester Credit Hours 18

Semester 4

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
Object Oriented Software
Supporting Courses-II 3
GE / University Elective-II 3
Introduction to Database Systems 4
Pakistan Studies 2
 Semester Credit Hours 16

Semester 5

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
Software Requirement Engineering 3
Probability & Statistics 3
Computer Communication &
Software Engineering Elective-I 3
Supporting Elective-III 3
Software Engineering Elective-II 3
 Semester Credit Hours 19

Semester 6

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
GE / University Elective-III 3
Software Verification & Validation 3
Software Architecture & Design 3
Human Computer Interaction 3
Software Engineering Application
Domain Elective-I
English-III (Technical Report Writing) 3
 Semester Credit Hours 18

Semester 7

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
Final Year Project-I 3
Software Project Management 3
Professional Practice 3
Software Engineering Elective-III 3
GE / University Elective-IV 3
 Semester Credit Hours 15

Semester 8

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
Final Year Project-II 3
Software Engineering Elective-IV 3
Software Engineering Elective-V 3
Software Engineering Elective-VI 3
Semester Credit Hours 12


Program Structure

Program Duration: 4 Years

Total Semester: 8

Entry Requirements: Minimum 45% in intermediate or equivalent examinations

Program Credit Hours: 132 Cr. Hrs.

Contact: +92-42-35978525

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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