BS Economics

Program Overview

An understanding of economics is a vital component of education in social sciences and absolutely necessity for anyone interested in areas as business, environmental policy, welfare reform, international trade and finance, or
BS Economics is a four years degree program comprising of eight regular semesters. Students with degree of F.Sc. / F.A. / I.Com / A. levels or equivalent are given admission in this program. An eligibility criterion is defined by university. Along with the eight regular semesters, university may offer summer sessions to provide
opportunities to the students who fail or withdraw a course and those who wish to improve their grades.

Career Prospects

This program is designed to familiarize students with the broad range of issues and situations studied by economists and the tools they use. The curriculum starts at the very basic introductory level. As such no specific high school preparation is required, therefore students with diversified background equally fit in the program. However an appreciation for mathematics and statistics shall prove to be useful. All economics undergraduate majors study a significant core of economic theory and mathematical and statistical methods, and are then in a position to choose among a wide variety of higher electives.

Scheme of Studies

Semester 1

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
English I 3

Principles of Microeconomics


Islamic Studies / Ethics


Basic Mathematics


Diversification I


Diversification II

 Semester Credit Hours 17



Semester 2

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
English II 3
Pakistan Studies 2
Principles of Macroeconomics 3
Statistics I 3
Diversification 3 3
Diversification 4 3
 Semester Credit Hours 17

Semester 3

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
English III 3
Intermediate Microeconomics 3
Introduction to Computer 3
Intermediate Mathematics * 3
Diversification 5 3
Diversification 6 3
 Semester Credit Hours 18

Semester 4

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
English IV* 3
Intermediate Macroeconomics 3
Statistics II 3
Issues in World Economy 3
Diversification 7 3
Diversification 8 3
 Semester Credit Hours 18

Semester 5

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
Microeconomics Analysis 3
Monetary Economics 3
Public Finance 3
Mathematical Economics 3
Econometrics 3
 Semester Credit Hours 15

Semester 6

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
Macroeconomic Analysis 3
International Economics 3
Development Economics 3
Financial Economics 3
Research Methodology 3
 Semester Credit Hours 15

Semester 7

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
Time Series and Panel Data Econometrics** 3
Dynamic Optimization** 3
Islamic Economics 3
Optional 1*** 3
Optional 2 3
 Semester Credit Hours 15

Semester 8

Course Name Cr. Hrs.
General Equilibrium & Welfare Economics ** 3
Economic Growth** 3
Issues in Pakistan Economy 3
Optional 3*** 3
Optional 4 3
Semester Credit Hours 15


Course Curriculum


Course Group Cr. Hrs.
Compulsory Courses (with no choice) 25
General Courses (diversification courses) 24
Foundation Courses 24
Major Courses 45
Optional Courses 24


Program Structure

Program Duration: 4 Years

Total Semester: 8

Entry Requirements: Minimum 45% in intermediate or equivalent examinations

Program Credit Hours: 132 Cr. Hrs.

Contact: +92-42-35978525

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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