Educational System

System of education in Architecture has five main features:

  1. Semester System

    System of education in Architecture Department is based upon semester system with concept of credit hours, grade point averages etc.

  2. Aptitude identification

    Students are given time, awareness and exposure to art forms, and counseling from experts to find their talent best suited to their aptitudes.

  3. Crafting Career Paths

    Program of Architecture allows development of students based on their need and aspirations. Pre-requisites are observed.

  4.  Harmony Among Courses

    Coordination between projects of design, supporting courses, and their respective teachers is ensured. Supporting courses, therefore, harmonize with design exercises that students undertake.

  5. Progressive Development

    Programs of study are planned to fulfill credit requirements of HEC/PCATP. Architecture Department acknowledges and credits a student’s practice in the market and lets the student move progressively till completion of the program.