Transfer Students

The determination of acceptability of credit for course work completed at another recognized Degree Awarding Institution (DAI) is made solely at the discretion of ICBS. The evaluation of any course work or examination from another Institution for acceptance by the Institute will be based only on an official transcript from the institution originally offering the course work or examination. A credit transfer fee shall be charged. Conditions for transfer are as under:


Application for Credit Transfer

The application for credit transfer shall be submitted by the student on a prescribed form supported by the following document.

  • An official transcript of transfer courses showing course credit hours, grades, etc.

  • The course outline and teaching plan of the course that was completed in a different Institution, and which is being nominated for credit transfer, along with the name of the faculty who taught the course.


Transfer Procedure

  • All prospective transfer students must complete ICBS entrance requirements.

  • Principally the maximum credits for work done before joining the ICBS will be considered only up to 50% of the Bachelor’s and Master’s program to which the application is being made

  • Transferred / exempted courses will be reflected on the Transcript. However, grades earned from other institutions will not count towards  CGPA computation by ICBS.

  • Credit is not given for grades lower than a C or 60%.

  • The course work being sought for credit transfer has been completed at an HEC recognized educational institution and the program is duly approved under its Charter.

  • Credit Transfer cases will not be entertained after a student has started the program of study.

  • Remedial, vocational, technical, highly specialized and personal development courses are not accepted for credit.

  • All transfer cases shall be reviewed individually by the Head of concerned Department and forward it to the Equivalence Committee.

  • Acceptability of credit transfer to a student’s academic curriculum shall be determined by the ICBS Equivalence Committee.


Conditions for Course Transfer

  • If the course content is like the course content at ICBS to the extent of a minimum 50%, the course credit will be considered for transfer.

  • A lower level degree course is non-transferable to higher level degree program such as a course done at Bachelor level is non-transferable to Master program.

  • A course exempted elsewhere is non-transferable until and unless it is pursued as a regular course.