Inter Program Transfer

  1. A student registered in a program may not be transferred to another program in the Institute until he/she has obtained the permission of the Dean and Registrar’s Office.

  2. Permission to transfer will be given in writing using the form provided for this purpose.

  3. No student will get credit transfer without the permission of the concerned Heads of the Departments and Registrar’s Office.

  4. A student who seeks transfer to another program will have to follow all the requirements and polices (such as fee, etc.) of the new program.

  5. The credits earned in any lower degree program (bachelor’s or master’s) are non-transferable to the higher degree program.

  6. Whenever a student’s application for transfer to another program has been approved and all requirements related to such transfer satisfactorily fulfilled, the relevant program authority shall inform the concerned Departments and forward the original documents to the student’s personal file.


Pre- Requisite for Other Disciplines:

Candidates interested for admission in MBA/MCS/MIT having Bachelor Degree other than BBA/BCS/BIT, respectively have to do pre-requisite (deficiency) courses as specified in the road map of the relevant Accreditation Council. These pre-requisite courses will be in addition to the regular program courses.