Imperial College of Business Studies

Imperial College of Business Studies, Lahore (ICBS) was established in 1991 by the Pakistan Benevolence & Social Management Trust. The initial development of ICBS was supported by academic collaborations with the University of Hull, UK. In 2002, it was chartered by the Government of Punjab as independent degree awarding institution (Imperial College of Business Studies Ordinance, 2002). ICBS is housed in a large and spacious purpose-built campus along the Canal Bank Road, Bahria/Shahkam Chowk, Lahore. The ICBS degree is recognized by the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad.

The Imperial College of Business Studies serves the national and international community through a broad spectrum of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies, professional training, public service, research, creative activities and outreach programs. It offers highly market oriented academic programs in multiple disciplines including Engineering, Management Sciences, Computer Sciences, Architecture, Social Sciences and Humanities. The Imperial College of Business Studies has one of the most qualified groups of faculty members in the following disciplines:

ICBS aims at providing every facility possible to the students so that they can succeed in their academic and professional careers. Most modern infrastructure, state of the art laboratories, learning inductive classrooms and experienced faculty enhance the teaching of courses and their understanding by the students. Free use of computer labs is also available along with the friendly technical assistance. A state of the art auditorium and a uniquely equipped sports center deserve special mention and these are the hallmarks of ICBS campus.